Happy Mother’s Day: a dancing baby for all US lovers!

For all the moms out there on Mother’s day! And for all who know me well, you know the baby will be dancin’ to Party Rock! If an expectant mom comes in with pelvic pain or vaginal bleeding, check for fetal dancing:

For all pregnancy evaluations, first use the TA pelvic/curvilinear probe with a full bladder to help visualize the pelvic organs better and look for a gestational sac. Once seen then check for the yolk sac or fetal pole to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy (pseudosacs can be seen with ectopics). Then, seeing and measuring the normal heart rate (by M mode, NOT doppler) and fetal movement within a great cushion of fluid (to allow for appropriate dancing ability should he choose to do it) without surrounding free fluid or placental (subchorionic) hemorrhage (which will look black [anechoic] beneath the placenta) is what you look for – its just too bad it doesnt come with music from the machine! Happy Mother’s Day! btw – not my baby – I know you all were wondering đŸ™‚


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