SonoLinks: The websites, smartphone apps you need to know for Bedside US

A list of awesome sites and apps for bedside US: whether that be for viewing lectures, US videos/images of normal/abnormal pathology, learning the technique for each application, or to get all that you need to know on your smartphone – you’ll love these! This is not a complete list, but ones that I have found to be great! If you know of any others, feel free to list in the comments.

ACEP US Section – for all the needs of emergency physicians who perform US, credential others, direct US programs and much more!

SAEM US Academy – is a community within the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine. AEUS provides an international forum bringing together bedside clinician sonologists with the common goal of advancing patient care

Bedside US and the Stanford 25 – The Stanford 25 is a list of 25 dependent physical diagnosis maneuvers to help with the physical exam and medical education, one of which is bedside US

Society of US in Medical Education – this link takes you to the learning modules, but if you press “Home” you will see how amazing this society is for enhancing US education.

Emergency Ultrasonography – this site is a great go-to for providing the foundation for a basic understanding of Emergency Ultrasound through lectures, modules, testing

EMSono – a great site which is a comprehensive emergency ultrasound education website that also provides you with free teaching modules through the SonoBridge. It also provides the ACEP test for bedside US.

SonoGuide – An excellent free online site to learn all that there is to know with regard to bedside US

SoundBytes – a great CME download and set of lectures !

Ultrasound Podcast – a very fun and cool way to learn bedside US through two very funny guys! They also bring you the iPhone app: 1-Minute Ultrasound

Ultrasound SHARE – a great site for a library for all the US videos/images you ever want to see!

US Guided Nerve Blocks – a complete source for all you want to knwo in regard to US guided Nerve blocks.

ViewSono – great video tutorials are short format case based reviews of core ultrasound procedures in emergency medicine, critical care and regional anesthesia

Vimeo US images and videos – an awesome site to see every US related video you’ll ever want to see!

There are quite a few smart phone apps and iTunes videos that can help while you are on the run, train, plane, or riding in the back of a harley:

1-Minute Ultrasound

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

Dr. Chris Fox’s Emergency US lectures

Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound



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