SonoFiler: Profiling Dr. Arun Nagdev

The next edition of the Sonofiler – profiling a leader in bedside US – is about a person who is a great friend (and neighbor), an avid researcher in IVC and nerve block US (among other apps), who travels the world teaching US to the masses, and, most importantly, who is just as much of a foodie as I am : Dr. Arun Nagdev. He has plenty of nicknames, none of which I can say publicly (you’re welcome, Arun), but he likes to call himself the “ultrasound dork.” He truly is one – trust me. I know no other person who gets so passionate about an interesting US finding. I sent him a few questions, and the answers are nothing other than filled with passion –  and so Arun….humble, honest, innovative, and blunt. It is obvious why he is one of the leaders in Bedside US as his genuine passion for it’s utility is infectious! Thank God!

Arun first started loving the ‘sound during his 4th year of his EM residency while on an US rotation at St. Luke’s in NYC. We each have a case that made us addicted – that case for Arun was when he cracked open a guy’s chest based on the US – and the guy lived! As Arun puts it, “it was like US vicodin! I was hooked!” Since that time Arun has been involved in so many things to spread the gospel of ‘sound – whether that be ultrasound education at Highland (where he currently works as the official ultrasound dork), teaching internationally (especially India and Ghana), or lecturing at ACEP… and SAEM… oh, and AIUM…and… well too many more to list. “All great experiences that have hopefully made another person excited about ED US.” – as Arun states – like I said, humble. The most recent case that he hasn’t stopped talking about was a “very cool” case of a young female with 3 presentations to various centers for a chronic HA. Had a CT and other workup with no diagnosis. US of the retina showed clear bilateral papilledema, and the LP was 55mmHG opening pressures.  “It was awesome.”  – like I said, passionate. How cool is that case?! He also is the co-founder of Ultrasound Learning Seminars along with Dr. Mike Stone – the “dynamic duo” is how they are known in the US guided regional anesthesia world.

Arun is full of sono-phrases, of course most I cannot say publicly, but his favorite is “pus-talsis.” Yup, that’s the made up term for purulence in an abscess. “A little inappropriate, but that is the way we roll at HGH” – I’m sure! I think I stole that one from you, Arun. Highland has treated him well, and he speaks fondly of it, especially when it comes to one of his heroes: Barry Simon – “started the whole bedside ultrasound game at HGH, and still has the curiosity of an Intern. Also, a great person and really funny looking.” I think the last 2 things mean the most to Arun, as the first is no big surprise to anyone who knows Barry. Mike Stone and Resa Lewiss, some other heroes to Arun are people who I hear so much of, especially after a few drinks, simply put – he loves them – “great friends, sonographers and educators.” – Ain’t that the truth?! Of course, with too many others to name, Arun’s heroes have given him the support and guidance to advance his own interests. As Arun continues to preech all things US all around the world, he envisions the future of US to be “Instead of repeating other department’s scans, we are going to be inventing our own techniques and scans based on ED clinical presentations. …Also, more ultrasound-guided nerve blocks.” – Did I say innovative?! … and passionate?! It will happen Arun, because you will make it happen. Thank you for your dedication to US, your passion for it’s utility (and for nerve blocks :), and all that you will do…. especially for being such a fun neighbor where we go out to pizza places, hang out at a table and talk for hours – here’s a pic at one of our neighborhood pizza places in San Francisco  – Zero Zero – he meant to kiss the cheek, but instead got the eyeball – go figure! Maybe it’s because my husband took the pic.

Look out next week for the next SonoFiler about another amazing leader in bedside US…


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