SonoNews! – The AMA has passed a resolution in regards to bedside US – thanks to Blaivas et al!

This is HUGE news! Does it change things at all… no. But, does it help our cause? YES! Back in the day, the AMA passed a resolution stating that ultrasound was as tool that can be widely used whose specific use and application should be defined by each specialty with specific hospital privileging. That was a HUGE step for OBGYNs, cardiologists, trauma surgeons, and emergency physicians to take it and run with it, defining ultrasound in a way that was specific to each of those specialties, with more guidelines being thought of for critical care, internists/hospitalists, and ambulatory care doctors. Well, this week, with the help of Dr. Michael Blaivas and others, the AMA passed another resolution, amending the prior stating that ultrasound is a safe, effective and efficient tool, that should be used throughout medical education. This is great for those attempting to incorporate bedside US into their school of medicine. Awesome!!!!


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