SonoLinks: new links to awesome US educational sites/texts/apps

Since the last installment of SonoLinks, there have been several more awesome US related websites/links that 1) I have found in my search for more, 2) are new ones that just came on to the horizon or 3) I totally forgot to add before – – –  They are all free! They are all listed on our Blogroll (scroll down, on the right of the screen) that we keep updated. If anyone knows of any other great sites, send them on over!

SonoCloud – a new and excellent website for free and easy visualization, downloading, uploading, and learning of US clips and images – by Matt & Mike (of Ultrasound Podcast) and Mike Stone (current ACEP US Section President). Can you say A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You can help fill up their library of clips by downloading your own on there too.

WikiSpaces to De-identify/Crop/Edit your image/Clip – thanks to Ben Smith for creating and sharing! A great way to post/share your stills and clips without violating HIPAA by cropping out the MRN/patient name. A simple way to keep you out of HIPAA jail.

EchoBasics – Mereles, a cardiologist from Paraguay, has an excellent website of all things cardiac echo, from basic to advanced evaluations, including explanations and clips, and even 3D and 4D clips! very cool.

ICU Sonography – along the same lines as above, there are a couple sites that are worth mentioning for ICU Sonography: Beth Israel’s website and Stanford’s website. Great review/images of critical care US and echo/IVC.

Yale’s Atlas of Echo – a complete site of everything you need to know about cardiac echo

Neuraxiom – A great website for US guided regional nerve blocks!

Sonic Nerve Blocks – another excellent website by Sanjay Sinha, an anesthesiologist at the University of Connecticut, to review all US guided nerve blocks

EFSUMB – free US textbook reviewing US applications (and includes resource limited US utilization and HIV related views)

Partners in Health book – an excellent manual for US use in resource poor/limited settings by Sachita Shah et al.

SonoWorld – an all-inclusive website that has cases, lectures, images, and articles

Ultrasound Village – another all-inclusive site with from our colleagues in Australia filled with lectures, images, and quizzes!

Qstream – a great free way to test your US skills through email question and answers by Sam Ko.

Other organizations that deserve mention in addition to ACEP include:  SAEM (who have narrated lectures),  AIUM (which is an organizer of the UltrasoundFirst project), WFUMB, and WINFOCUS

Emergency US Fellowships – in the time of application review, I thought I would send out the link for those interested in applying for emergency US fellowships

Emergency US Research articles – Chip Schmier does a GREAT job in sending out the new US related research articles every month; allows us to feel “in the know” when our colleagues ask us questions about it.

And… a website for free medical education testing and media sharing using a social networking and incentive paradigm: GMEP  – Global Medical Education Project – as you can see SonoSpot has already created a folder and adding to it with US images of all applications.


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