SonoHangout & Journal Club: SonoSpot, BedsideSono, UltrasoundPodcast – the SMACC-down!

Get ready for the SMACC-down by some bedside ultrasound enthusiasts! What is SMACC, you ask? Well, if you don’t know, then make sure you visit THIS website. It’s the first conference of its kind, and even includes SonoWars as a very important part to help beat your fellow physician in various games of …well…..intellect (or, just allowing another reason why you can use the term SMACC-down – oh yeah!).
Now, we did our part in joining the SMACC club (yup, that’s right, an exclusive secret society whose membership provide secrets that you WISH you knew – ok, not really – but to find out more go here.) In this SMACC club entry, Drs. Mike Stone (@BedsideSono), Mike Mallin and Matt Dawson (ultrasound podcast guys), and little ole’ me discuss three hot (and I mean, HOT!!) articles, with visual effects that are sure to add us into the Oscar running for 2014 – this is sure to impress the judges! (they are in Australia….and New Zealand, in case you were wondering).
Download the articles prior to watching so you can follow along.  They are:

And, to get your SMACC on, see our SMACC down here:


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