SonoNews! The future of medicine -Drs. Eric Topol and Daniel Kraft talk wireless/portable medicine #FOAMed

Wireless communication in medicine, smartphones for ECG monitoring and healthcare screening, portable ultrasound use in the clinic at the bedside instead of a patient sent to an ultrasound suite on a separate date – all resulting in quicker, more efficient, and cheaper medicine. Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist practicing in Scripps hospital in San Diego (my hometown – oh yeah!) – tells Rock Center with Brian Williams on NBC about it all and MORE! – the future of medicine is amazing and so incredibly exciting! – wireless medicine is just the beginning – what patients can do at home to screen for various diseases wirelessly is only one part of the future – he speaks of how this all saves money too – very interesting interview! Too good not to share!

Dr. Topol also discusses the top 5 devices that every patient and doctor should get to know, as they will take over the world of healthcare as we get more and more digitized (of course, one of the devices is a hand-held ultrasound machine!)

And dont miss Dr. Topol on ColbertNation!:

Dr. Daniel Kraft, from Stanford, also spoke about the future of medicine in this TED talk – amazing where medicine is going!.


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