SonoEvents: SonoGames, Castlefest2013, and the FREE Intro to Bedside Ultrasound iBook #FOAMed

This SonoGift is amazing! I could have sworn that I sent this earlier (and I think i did on Twitter and Facebook), but for whatever reason, it is in my blog’s draft folder, and I was shocked! – How dare I keep this away from everyone who follows SonoSpot?!!!! So, I apologize… from the bottom of my subxiphoid window (…ha! yes i know, I have many of them). If you’re getting this for the second time, then take it as a friendly reminder of how awesome the UltrasoundPodcast guys are to provide this amazing gift to everyone to learn the up-to-date info on bedside ultrasound applications… for free. Now, if you are getting this for the first time, you are going to LOVE it….. Why? Well, first off, it’s free (did I say that already?). And, if that wasnt enough, it’s the pdf version of the AWESOME iPAD download-able iBook (also found here chapter by chapter purchasing on inkling that can also been read on iPHONE) of Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound from the UltrasoundPodcast crew, with chapters written by so many of my friends. If you purchase the iPAD version (for pretty cheap, if you ask me) (including the iPAD mini and retina display), you can view all the clips and videos placed by the authors/experts in bedside ultrasound – which truly makes it the best “book” on bedside ultrasound that I know. It’s worth it.

You know what else Im excited about? SonoGames Part Deux at SAEM – this time, our crew is going to make it after the first round!!! You all better watch out! A sneak peak at SonoGames last year by the serious yet humorous, heavy yet light, good yet talented UltrasoundPodcast and their hilarious interviews:

Oh, and did I mention Castlefest2013????!! Im so excited to join them at CastleFest2013 – ultrasound, castles, wine, and festivities?—what more could a Sonogirl ask for?! You can even be there virtually! Yes, they did think of everything.


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