SonoNews! Look out for updates on SonoSpot – Admin month is here!

Hi everyone! I am so very excited about the new SonoSpot pages that are coming this month! Some of you have messaged me asking:

“We love the SonoCases, can I provide a guest post with an interesting SonoCase?”

“Do you have any information on SonoBilling?”

“Im looking for a list of great SonoReferences to provide our US fellow, what would you suggest?”

“You haven’t posted in a week or so, are you alive?”

First off, I am very much alive! I have been busy packing and moving to my new home over the last 2 weeks and now that we are moved in (kind of) I am going to work on the SonoSpot site – – add even more SonoSpots that will answer all the questions and inquiries above!

Look out for guest posts by physicians who want to highlight their cases on SonoSpot where management changed, a quick diagnosis was made, and a life was saved! Also, we will be adding pages to our SonoSpots list, including the Stanford Ultrasound Fellowship Curriculum page (which can be used for anyone wanting to see what a sample fellowship curriculum looks like), a SonoBilling page which provides information on CPT codes and estimated charges for bedside limited ultrasound, and an updated SonoReference list for each application of bedside ultrasound. And, how could I not mention the SonoSmartphrases for the EMR…

After we are done doing some admin additions, we will continue our blogs on SonoTutorials, SonoCases, SonoStudies, Sonoworkshop pearls, SonoTips&Tricks, and more!

In the meantime, Ill still be adding interesting items on our Facebook page and will be continuing the always stimulating conversation on Twitter.

Hope you all find the additions helpful!


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