SonoSpot ! Now with SonoBilling info, SonoReferences list, SonoFellowship Curriculum & More! #FOAMed

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Remember when I stated that in August we will be revamping the SonoSpot site to include much more – well it took a little longer than one month, but Im very excited to show you what all that research and time has come to – A SonoSpot site that, well, looks the same, but with so much more exciting content!  – Information that will benefit not only those who want to learn bedside focused ultrasound and review cases and tutorials, but also those who want information on billing for ultrasound procedures, to review a list of references in each ultrasound application, as well as review a monthly fellowship curriculum that takes these references and adds the online sites and podcasts available to supplement that topic for each month!

Each of the headers will have drop down menus for even more content. Many topics on bedside ultrasound are found under SonoSpots when you go to Oh, and those guest posts from others who have so patiently waited to have their awesome cases highlighted on SonoSpot will start this week too! Enjoy the new pages (…and they will keep getting enhanced with lecture videos throughout the year – it just gets better! )

Visit our SonoBilling and Privilege Form page – where you can see an estimate of the charges/wRVUs and LCD information that is all found publicly and incorporated into one excel sheet – scroll through it up/down/right/left to get it all in. Be warned: it is a ton of information that summarizes 1,000 pages of public pages into one sheet. Note the disclaimer. This page also has a sample Hospital Privilege form for those who want to get privileging in bedside ultrasound at their institution which is required at some places in order to bill, in addition to the list of items required for US billing as seen on the SonoBilling page.

Visit our SonoSmartphrases for EMRs – here is a sample of smartphrases that describe the documentation for each bedside limited ultrasound procedure that is being billed. The wording for each smartphrase is specifically stated due to the requirements for SonoBilling

Visit our SonoReferences pages – where we highlight the landmark and hot articles in each bedside focused ultrasound application, along with the link to the pubmed page for each. This is a page that is going to continually get updated as more studies get published. This is separate from our SonoStudies site, that go into further detail and discussion on specific studies that pick to highlight for various reasons.

Visit our SonoFellowship Curriculum pages. This is a sample of a curriculum should anyone want to do an ultrasound fellowship. It is a supplement to other educational opportunities that a fellow will get and describes the fellowship month-by-month on the reading assignments – including viewing online #FOAM resources for each topic (websites, blogs, podcasts, etc).

We will continue to optimize our Sonotutorials and SonoCases sites, which are our most popular sites for all bedside ultrasound believers in the world!

Hope you enjoy and, as always, I love any feedback or suggestions for additions to the site for our future upgrades.


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