SonoCase: 2 yr old walking into things, now cups his eye to focus…. What’s up with that eye?!

Very cool pick-up we had recently, the early diagnosis allowed better outcome, and I’ve only seen this twice before by bedside US in the ED. It was an unusually calm Monday in the pediatric ER, lots of coughs and colds, and more hand-foot-mouth disease than ever recorded in history, Im sure. Then we saw this very cute 2 year old boy walk into the ER wearing a “Poop happens” T-shirt, with his hand covering his left eye while walking to the room, then hopping on the gurney and immediately taken by the iPAD we have for kids to play games on…. Continue reading

SonoCase: Pediatric lower abdominal bulge? What the…?

You know, working in the pediatric ER is always a joy since most children are going to do well (and most parents are worry warts – but who am I kidding, I would be too!). But sometimes I get a case that surprises me – and this is one of them. Of course, in hindsight, it makes sense, but still interesting given the way the kid presented: 4 year old boy, with a history of “retractable bulges a few years ago” comes to the ER after his mom noticed that he woke up that morning (4 hours prior to arrival) walking funny. She took down his very cute Star Wars pajama pants and saw this:

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