RUSH/Critical Care

THE RUSH PROTOCOL Part 1 and Part 2

 protocol – Lichtenstein

EGLS – Echo-Guided Life Support and the Ultrasound Podcast on EGLS

Volpicelli and Shock  – Multi-organ assessment

CAUSE Study: cardiac arrest ultrasound

Breitkreutz R, Walcher F, Seeger FH. Focused echocardiographic evaluation in resuscitation management: concept of an advanced life support-conformed algorithm. Crit Care Med 2007;15(Suppl 5):S150-S161.

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Tayal VS, Kline JA. Emergency echocardiography to detect pericardial effusion in patients in PEA and near-PEA states. Resuscitation 2003;59:315-318.



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