SonoSpot: Topics in Bedside Ultrasound is a place where the interesting, funny, cool and geeky meet to share their tips/tricks/knowledge of and adventures with bedside focused EM ultrasound. A place to highlight cases, applications and prominent people in bedside US education and research. Here’s to satisfied participants and students, lives saved, and spreading the gospel of the ‘Sound!
Topics/tricks/interesting cases/attempts at humor/highlighting of studies will be posted, and please feel free to share your own under the comments section as it relates to bedside point-of-care ultrasound.
Disclaimer: the information in this blog is not representative of any specific hospital or emergency department, and is solely my personal thoughts and ideas on each topic as well as publicly accessible information.
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Contact: Laleh Gharahbaghian, MD
US Director Emeritus: Stanford University, Emergency Medicine

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Also, we have created SonoDoc: a case-based FREE ultrasound game, online, and lots of fun: Learn how to’s, integrate into case mgmt, use it for next steps/dispo. Play FREE or Stanford CME ($25). HUGE thanks to many folks for beta testing/feedback/support. 5 years in the making, and so happy to share it with you all. Enjoy! sonodocgame.com

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. What a find! You’ve provided a treasure trove of bedside US resources. I’m a doc from a remote part of Canada and this is the sort of resource that informs practice, saves travel, and empowers rural docs to get answers fast. We’re on the cusp of a revolution in medical care and education, and this site exemplifies that. Thanks!

    • I Second that! I constantly find myself referring to this site instead of my handy US book b/c it keeps staying up to date (and I feel like I can hear your voice through the pages with a level of excitement that only Laleh can exude 🙂 Such a lovely and well put-together resource!

  2. I recently took my PVI exam with Pearson VUE through ARDMS as well as some other residents and recently read about Pearson score mishap and wonder if this may have taken place with one of my residents who did not pass by one point. I called ARDMS and was told “NO”, but then heard about other ARDMS score delays with Pearson and other ARDMS score concerns which took place about 18 to 36 months ago. Can anyone help with perhaps additional details. I am surprised by this revelation…if true.

    • Dr. Cooper, I havent heard anything about it but will keep my ears and eyes open and get back to you should I hear anything. You can try asking the ACEP US Section as well to get a bigger pool of people to ask.

  3. Your site is terrific. I am a radiologist with an interest in advancing POC sonos and MSK ultrasound. Thanks for the amazing work.

    Holt Daniel M.D.


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