E-FAST curriculum

US Didactics/scan shifts:

Week 1 – RUQ, LUQ views –

Week 2- SX and PSL views –

Week 3 – Suprapubic view and incidental findings –

Week 4 – Lung Views –

Week 5 – Case-based presentations by Faculty, and Fellows present and review EFAST studies –

Reading/Review list:

SonoGuide: FAST

SonoSpot: Tutorial,  Cases,  Studies,  Tips & Tricks
Podcasts: Soundbytes:  Trauma/FAST and PulmonaryEMCrit with SonoSpot, and Ultrasound Podcast with Cliff Reid on E-FAST and Advanced Trauma Ultrasound

ACEP Trauma Ultrasound eBook

AIUM  – Practice Guidelines for FAST scan

AIUM Sound Judgement Series: Noble VE  Think ultrasound when evaluating for pneumothorax.



Ma/Mateer/Blaivas Chapter:

5. Trauma, O. John Ma, James R. Mateer, and Andrew W. Kirkpatrick


Dawson/Mallin iBook Chapters:

Volume 1, Chapter 1, EFAST/FAST

FAST Studies: Pubmed Collection

Pneumothorax studies: Pubmed Collection


FAST Studies:

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Pulmonary Studies:

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