General Physics Curriculum

US didactics:

–        US Knobology/Physics and Central Venous Access review

Reading/Review list:

 SonoGuide, : Physics

AIUM Practice Guidelines: Vascular Access

Online Lectures on physics: Ultrasound Slideshare;

Podcasts: Ultrasound podcast’s physics part one and two, and Doppler US, and Tissue Harmonics Imaging

SAEM narrated lectures: Physics and machinery


Ultrasound physics; Journal of Ultrasound trauma and shock


Ma/Mateer/Blaivas Chapters:

2. Equipment, Will Scruggs and J. Christian Fox
3. Physics and Image Artifacts, Corky Hecht and Jaosn Wilkins

19. Vascular Access, John S. Rose, Aaron E. Bair, and Aman K. Parikh

Dawson/Mallin iBook Chapters: Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 1 and Volume 2 FREE right here. [From iTunes; download it to your computer, import into iTunes, and then drag onto your ipad] 

Volume 1, Chapter 8, Physics

Volume 1, Chapter 9, Central Lines


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