SonoFellowship Curriculum


Our SonoFellowship curriculum consists of a review of landmark research articles, a review of current research articles, and reading texts/see online content/reviewing podcasts on each application in addition to the US faculty lectures/didactics/hands-on/image review sessions that is only received in person when our fellow spends the year with us. Through these educational sessions, the fellow becomes quite confident to teach and direct ultrasound workshops for medical students, nurses, and physicians as well as learn about ultrasound credentialing, policies, and program creation/direction.  Each month is dedicated to learning a specific application in great detail – the background, the studies, and the relevance. Every week, we have scan shifts in the emergency department that focus on patient-related implementation of bedside ultrasound, which includes education on all applications relevant to that particular patient at the bedside, so the fellow learns about each applications throughout the year and by the end of they year, performs 1,000 scans prior to graduation from fellowship. Our ultrasound elective residents join us throughout every event giving additional teaching opportunities for the fellow. Below is a schedule of our Fellowship Curriculum that is given to our fellows:

Within each section:

Bolded articles are mandatory full reads

“LM” – indicates landmark article that should be read

All others – abstracts to be read (at a minimum) and fellow to present article at end of month

Orientation: Physics Curriculum

Month 1: E-FAST Curriculum

Month 2: Echo and IVC Curriculum (includes RUSH)

Month 3: Renal / Bladder Curriculum

Month 4: Hepatobiliary Curriculum

Month 5: Thoracic and Abdominal Aorta Curriculum

Month 6: TA and EV Pelvis Curriculum

Month 7: Thoracic Curriculum

Month 8: DVT and Ocular Curriculum

Month 9: MSK and Soft Tissue Curriculum (includes arthrocentesis)

Month 10: Procedural Curriculum

Month 11: Testicular and Airway Curriculum

Month 12: Bowel and Pediatric Curriculum

Other articles that are interesting reads


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