SonoFiler: profiling Dr. Chris Fox

The inaugural Sonofiler – profiling a leader in bedside US, is, of course, going to be about the guy who first taught me everything there is to know about US during my residency at UC Irvine, Dr. Chris Fox – or as I used to call him “Foxy Methoxy” – not exactly how he got that nickname but I bet it had something to do with a psych patient in ED Rm 20. I sent Chris a few questions, and the answers are not only sooo Chris (and not surprising with his amazingly sarcastic and funny wit), but also quite profound, and a true testament as to why he is one of the leaders in bedside US.
Chris describes himself as “curious” and likely one of the main reasons why he has advanced US to where it is today in medical education. He first started loving the ‘Sound in 2000 during his fellowship at Christ Hospital in Chicago (aka Chi-town). We each have a case that we will never forget that was the case to sway us to believe in bedside US utility and that case for Chris was a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. One of the best cases he has ever seen was a case of renal cell cancer that extended into the left renal vein and up the IVC into the right ventricle in a somewhat asymptomatic 42 year old woman (crazy!!). Along the way, he has thought quite fondly of other leaders in US: Vicki Noble, Bret Nelson, Mike Lambert, Jim Mateer, Mike Blaivas, Paul Sierzenski, Dick Hoppmann, Mike Mallin, Matt Dawson, Alex Levitov, Liz Turner, Mike Stone, Vivek Tayal…This list can go on and on and on! “No doubt I left off some heroes.” – as Chris puts it. Through their support and with Chris’ amazing persistence, he has accomplished quite a bit – but what he is most proud of “my written and spoken word. Meaning my 3 textbooks and my 51 video podcasts on iTunes (and now youtube). These things tend to extend my ultrasoundevangelism more than one-on-one teaching ever will.” Now I dont know about you, but “ultrasoundevangelism”??? Im stealing that term! Chris is full of those terms, his favorite is “sonolicious” and I have to say, its my favorite of his terms too. Some of the aspects of bedside US that he is involved with include advancing and being one of the pioneers in medical student ultrasound, writing several textbooks, and so many iTunes lectures that we can all listen to for free! Holla! Chris is a giver – with his friendship and his love of US. The future of US according to Chris: “Consumer grade – think first aid kits. Less than $500” – ah, wouldnt that be grand?! From your lips to the US Gods’ ears, Chris!!! Thanks for all that you have done, for all that you still do with such amazing passion as an educator, and for all that you have planned to do in that silly mind of yours! And, thank you for being a great friend.
Look out next week for the next SonoFiler about another amazing leader in bedside US….


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