SonoFiler: Profiling Dr. Vicki Noble

The next edition of the Sonofiler – profiling a leader in bedside US – is going to be about a person who I admire immensely, has truly changed the way others perceive bedside US, and who was a great president of the ACEP US section: Dr. Vicki Noble – or as we call her “Queen Vicki” – because she keeps a straight face when she needs to and perfectly describes the best utility for bedside US (especially in response to the haters out there… and we all have heard and read what they say). Her response to any and all criticism is always honest and clear – she is my hero. I sent VIcki a few questions, and the answers are so honest, humble, and selfless (and not surprisingly spunky too). They are a true testament as to why she is one of the leaders in bedside US. So let’s talk about how I know that… 

Vicki said that others call her “Chernoble” at work (which is hilarious!), and everyone there seems to think that’s about right. Well, Im not sure what goes on at work, but it’s likely one of the main reasons why others learn so much from her there. She first started loving the ‘sound during her residency with her boss deserving of some credit as he told her they needed an US person in Boston and she jumped up to the task. The case that started her interest and continues to be the reason why she appreciates bedside US is the “incidental” ectopic rupture with a belly full of blood. As Vicki puts it best: “It’s amazing that women can look so stable with so much internal turmoil :)” Ain’t that the truth?! A classic example of how a timely US pick-up can save a life. One of the best cases she has ever seen was a case of ascending dissection that ruptured back into the pericardium. “Anytime a cardiac surgeon looks at you and asks your opinion genuinely (at least I took it that way) it is a victory.” – Vicki describes the utility of emergency US perfectly when stating that it’s testament to how US training really makes us an expert in the house of medicine. (Preech!!!). Along the way, she has thought quite fondly of other leaders in US: Dave Bahner, Dick Hoppmann, Mike Stone, all of US Armed Forces, and as we all know “Chris Fox does it all. The leaders I admire all work to increase point of care ultrasound teaching in medical school curriculums”….This list can go on and on and on! “This is where the revolution happens.” – so true.

Through the support of her heroes and with Vicki’s amazing persistence, she has accomplished quite a bit – but what she is most proud of: “our international fellow program makes me very proud – we now have 12 or so graduates from all over the world who are sonoevangelizing (was that the word Fox used?) and it is really a great thing.” Everyone should read the book that she and Bret Nelson wrote, but what I didnt know is that it has been translated into Russian, French, Polish and a Japanese version is on the way. How about them apples?!  Chris Fox did use the terms “ultrasoundevangelism” and “sonoliscious”, but one of Vicki’s favorite sonoterms is anything that makes fun of his funny wit, so she thought of the opposing descriptor: “SONORRIFIC!” I have to say, Im going to steal that one too. Vicki is always there to help out anyone who wants to learn more, train more, or set up a program. One of the best places she taught US was in Kentucky. And if you didnt know, “that horse breeding stuff is amazing.” – it sure is – as everyone should go to the Kentucky derby once in their life. As Vicki continues to breed US lovers all over the world, the place she has not been and looking for anyone who knows anyone there is  Greenland. Wouldn’t that be fun?! The future of US according to Vicki: “when it just becomes part of the standard of care for all clinicians” – I hear ya sista! And I do believe it can happen. Why? Because we have you on our side. Thank you, Vicki, for all that you have done, all that you still do, and all that you will do with that spunky, honest, powerful character of yours!
Look out next week for the next SonoFiler about another amazing leader in bedside US…


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