SonoEvent&Commentary: 2013: YOU, #AIUM13 & UltrasoundFirst – when/where it should be done FIRST!


Im off! New York City, here I come! AIUM 2013 is right in the heart of Times Square: where the lighted ball drops on every new year, where Madonna was taken as a young girl after telling the cab driver “Take me to where everything happens”, and where hundreds of healthcare providers from different specialties come together this year who all believe in ultrasound, and discuss when/where ultrasound should be used FIRST – as described in the UltrasoundFirst Forum. This is a big deal this year. Why? Well, you see, and as some of you may already know, 2013 is the Year of Ultrasound (YOU)! There were quite a few events I posted about earlier speaking of this great event/year, which was so greatly put into practice by my good friend who taught me everything I know about ultrasound, Dr. Chris Fox, at UltraFest this year – a free medical student ultrasound course (yup, that’s right, FREE). 2013 – The year that we should spread the gospel of ‘sound to areas where it is so needed, in global health practice, in medical school education, to community physicians to help guide their screening, resuscitation, procedures, and diagnosis of their patients – to EVERYONE who will listen!

So, in preparation for this event, as discussed with one of my role models, Dr. Richard Hoppmann, for how he incorporated ultrasound into medical education, a curriculum that is described in the Society of US in Med ED (SUSME) website, we thought how fun it would be to get as many people as we know to wear the 2013:YOU T-shirts and post it for everyone to appreciate! He sent us the shirts, the Stanford US team put them on, and had great fun with the photo-shoot! Look out for more folks to post photos like these throughout the week! – if they so dare….


Then, it got a little fun….. 🙂

IMG_1132   IMG_1133IMG_1134

The great Dr. Vicki Noble and her team at Harvard/Mass General also had a fun Photo-shoot! Love the shirt on the machine!….

IMAG2102 IMAG2105


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